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Ranganath Weiner

About ten years ago my massage therapist recommended a very gifted acupuncturist, Dr. Nawei Jiang Ph.D. because I was suffering from very severe and debilitating neck and back pain as a result of a series of seriously crippling accidents. In four treatments, Nawei rejuvenated full function to my neck and greatly reduced my back dysfunction.  


Those initial 4 treatments eliminated my neck pain and greatly reduced my back pain to this day. Since becoming Dr. Jiang’s patient, she has counseled and guided me into an alcohol-free lifestyle and a gluten-free diet including consuming 80 ounces of pure water daily. 

Dr. Nawei is the only medical professional that I have ever met who correct the issue rather than masking the symptom.  She runs a healing and health facility that is comforting, caring and always offers quickly, effective, life-giving health and vitality. Acupuncture by its nature is proactive, preventative and correcting in a non-invasive way. My personal comfort and well-being are the primary goal of Nawei and her staff. I owe my current good health and vitality to her knowledge, wisdom and dedication to the healing arts. For this I will be eternally indebted to her and her staff. 

Acupuncture, when administered by a trained and practiced expert, is a natural, non-invasive health system that can correct countless unsolvable (by Western medical standards) medical issues.

Nawei’s medical care and treatments have corrected or prevented the following medical conditions for me. 

  1. Severe neck and back pain cause by repeated injuries 
    Western Medical Solution: Laminectomy/Orthoscopic Surgery 
    Nawei’s Acupuncture:  4 one-hour in-office acupuncture treatments
  2. Three broken ribs (right side) 4 separated ribs (left side) 
    Western Medical Solution: Pain Pills, Time and physical Therapy 
    Nawei’s Acupuncture:  Acupuncture and electrode nerve stimulation
  3. Severe lower back/shoulder-elbow injury (automotive driver’s side (“T-Bone” accident) lower back injury. 
    Western Medical Solution: Pain pills, Surgery, Physical Therapy. 
    Nawei’s Acupuncture: Acupuncture and electrode nerve stimulation and therapeutic heat chamber.
  4. Severe dual knee injury (car roll-over) including internal organ damage and lower back injury. 
    Western Medical Solution: Surgery, Physical Therapy. 
    Nawei’s Acupuncture: Acupuncture and electrode nerve stimulation and therapeutic heat chamber.
  5. As I was nearing retirement, I adopted the unhealthy practice of consuming alcohol as a stress coping mechanism.  This resulted in becoming over-weight, developing severe edema in my lower extremities, life-threatening high blood pressure and multiple skin eruptions.  After becoming alcohol-free (with the support and counseling of Nawei) She then guided me toward a gluten-free diet.  Additionally, I had once a week acupuncture treatments as a method to cleanse my body and gain full health.  In less than one year she was able to correct the following physically and emotionally debilitating conditions.


  1. Overweight  (naturally lost over 40 lbs.)  (heat chamber/Chinese herbs)
  2. Alcohol Abuse  (Chinese herbs)
  3. Non-Health-Giving diet (Gluten free/additive free diet change)
  4. High Blood Pressure (reduced to normal)
  5. Edema (disappeared with an alcohol-free lifestyle)
  6. Urinary and bowel dysfunction. (Disappeared upon becoming Gluten-Free) Chinese herbs
  7. Severe back pain. (Continuing Acupuncture treatments)
  8. Rheumatoid arthritis in both hands (Continuing Acupuncture treatments)
  9. Knee pain (Continuing Acupuncture treatments)
  10. Urinary Disorder  ((Water consumption to at least 80 oz/day/Chinese Herbs)
  11. Regular acupuncture to prevent cold/flu/sinus irritation/infection

All of these conditions were corrected using Nawei’s acupuncture treatment including lifestyle/diet/health-counseling therapy.

Basic Medical Support Given to Me by Two Types of Health Practitioners:

Western Medical Solution: Pills, take pictures and minor dietary/lifestyle advise (less salt more exercise) Unaware of problems like gluten intolerance/allergy or dehydration. 
Nawei’s Acupuncture: Acupuncture/Electro-Nerve Stimulation/heat Chamber/Extensive, Expert Traditional Medical knowledge and Herbal supplements.


– Ranganath Weiner
  Divide, Colorado