What Does The First Visit Look Like?


Please Eat – Because acupuncture moves energy in the body, it is best if you eat something prior to the appointment. If you receive acupuncture on an empty stomach, it is possible that you may get a needle reaction (feeling nauseated, lightheaded, or dizzy) during or after the treatment because we are moving energy in a depleted system. To prevent these reactions, we ask that you eat a meal or a snack prior to the visit.

NO Fragrances – Because staff and patients are sensitive to various fragrances, we ask that you do not wear any scented products to your appointment (lotions, perfumes, body mists, colognes, or scented aftershaves).

Clothing – You do not have to worry about wearing the “right” clothes. We have drapes and cover sheets available.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment to fill out the new patient paperwork. If you want to print it beforehand from our website and fill it out, we ask that you print it on single-sided pages.


During the consultation, the doctor will gather details about the main issue that you want to focus on. Then, the doctor will discuss the recommended treatment, such as acupuncture, cupping or Chinese herbs.


During the acupuncture treatment, you will rest on the treatment table with the needles for 20-30 minutes. People sometimes get so relaxed on the table that they even fall asleep.


The doctor will discuss with you regarding follow-up treatments and any other recommendations.

Want give acupuncture, cupping, or herbs a try? Request an appointment with Dr. Anna.

Article Written by Anna Diec, Lac

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