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George Knox, Fountain, CO

Between five and six years ago the Ophthalmologist I was going to for cataracts said I was developing the beginning stages of macular degeneration in my right eye and I should take an herbal supplement to prevent it from advancing. Since that time, I have been taking herbal supplements and vitamins because I didn’t want the macular degeneration to advance.

In 2002, I had macular hole surgery in my left eye and my vision in that eye is now limited. After this surgery, I became very concerned with protecting my right eye (the one with macular degeneration) because it was my good eye.

During our initial interview, Dr. Jiang said acupuncture works well with the beginning stage of eye disorders and I decided to take a series of acupuncture treatments. About five or six weeks ago, I visited my Ophthalmologist and he said I did not have macular degeneration in my right eye! I credit Dr. Jiang’s acupuncture treatments with eliminating the macular degeneration in my right eye.