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I want to thank you for your expertise and persistence in the art of healing!

When I came to you I had a hormone imbalance. I was crying frequently for no reason, which was embarrassing and difficult to deal with for my family and co-workers. My female cycle had been completely erratic for four years, and I was having a menstrual cycle every 10-14 days. In a couple of treatments, I was exactly on track and back to a 28 day cycle. I like that your treatments are non-invasive.

Traditional medicine might have recommended birth control pills or Hormone Replacement Therapy, which makes me nervous as the medical evidence suggests could contribute to heart disease or cancer.

I have renewed energy. I’m loosing weight and will be back to my normal small size in a few weeks. I am able to focus on my personal life and work. All of this is possible because you were willing to work with me, and sincerely cared about helping me.

Western Doctors had told me, “You are approaching middle age and you just have to live with these symptoms.” One doctor told me I was sitting around eating cookies and that explained a sudden weight gain of 8-10 pounds per week.
You asked questions. . You asked me to record exercise patterns, and dietary patterns. We talked about changes to my diet and exercise. Because of these changes combined with your treatments, I am making wonderful progress.

How can I thank you for restoring my quality of life?
You are awesome!