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Ranganath Weiner

About ten years ago my massage therapist recommended a very gifted acupuncturist, Dr. Nawei Jiang Ph.D. because I was suffering from very severe and debilitating neck and back pain as a result of a series of seriously crippling accidents. In four treatments, Nawei rejuvenated full function to my neck and greatly reduced my back dysfunction.  




Just a quick note to thank you for treating me the past couple of months. In early May I began having an MS exacerbation, and I had quite a bit of numbness and feelings of electricity in my hand and arm.

I believe that acupuncture has helped reduce the symptoms I was having quite a bit. After coming in twice per week for 4-6 weeks of treatment I am feeling quite a bit better now. I will continue to come in perhaps once a month or so to try and keep this under control.

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A pleased acupuncture patient, Carol

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

I have suffered migraines for almost 30 years. I have also tried almost every possible cure short of surgery, including medications with their various side effects, massage therapy, Botox injections, exercise, diet, chiropractic, and numerous over-the-counter products. I recently saw an article about Dr. Nawei and acupuncture in Women’s Edition magazine. I was skeptical so put the article aside for a few days. Then I thought about my situation: nothing else was working.


Judy Woolman, CO

Since I’ve been having acupuncture treatments with Dr. Nawei, the symptoms of wet macular degeneration in my left eye have decreased significantly. The blurriness in my central vision has disappeared. The wavy lines have been straight. This improvement happened after only five treatments. It is very impressive. We’re half way through my treatment plan, so I’m looking forward to even better results based on what’s occurred thus far.

George Knox, Fountain, CO

Between five and six years ago the Ophthalmologist I was going to for cataracts said I was developing the beginning stages of macular degeneration in my right eye and I should take an herbal supplement to prevent it from advancing. Since that time, I have been taking herbal supplements and vitamins because I didn’t want the macular degeneration to advance.


N.J. of Colorado Springs

One day I noticed my face looked stressed and tired. The lines around my eyes were getting noticeably deep and big so I decided to try Nawei’s Acupuncture procedure. It was amazing to me how fast the lines decreased. It works!

R.D. of Denver

I am 45 years old and have the famous “beer belly” even though I work out two times a week. I was even considering lipo suction. After 6 weeks treatment from Nawei’s Acupuncture, my belly is dramatically reduced. It works better than I could have imagined.

W.C. of Colorado Springs

After 30 years of smoking one & half packs a day and trying many times to quit only to fail…I’ve finally been able to do it. After only 3 weeks on Nawei’s Acupuncture Stress Free quit smoking program, I am already smoke free with NO cravings.

Tracey. E

I want to thank all of you for being so kind and helpful.
My husband and I are expecting a baby in November. We couldn’t have done this without all of you. Thank you so much!


I want to thank you for your expertise and persistence in the art of healing!

When I came to you I had a hormone imbalance. I was crying frequently for no reason, which was embarrassing and difficult to deal with for my family and co-workers. My female cycle had been completely erratic for four years, and I was having a menstrual cycle every 10-14 days. In a couple of treatments, I was exactly on track and back to a 28 day cycle. I like that your treatments are non-invasive.